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The regulation of a Denomination of Origin is fundamental so that the products it protects always maintain the levels of quality and excellence that define said Denomination.

Speaking clearly. Without good advice from a Designation of Origin Regulator, any product (in our case the Table Grape) could benefit from our effort and prestige without having to fulfill the requirements to carry this label.

In the case of the Bagged Grape Vinalopo, the Regulatory Council acquires even more importance. Because our bagging process is unique in the world and gives an unparalleled flavor and texture to our grapes.

On June 1, 2017, the ORDEN of the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development was published in the Official Diari of the Valencian Government, approving the Regulation of the
Protected Designation of Origin Vinalopó Bagged Table Grape and its Regulatory Council.

Here we summarize the fundamental aspects that collect this order:
Grape Vinalopo Spain


Article 1.
It is protected with the protected designation of origin (PDO) Vinalopó Pocket Grape table grapes that meet the characteristics defined in this order and meet the requirements demanded by it.

Article 2. Scope of protection
1. The protection granted extends to the geographical name Vinalopó and to the municipal terms that form the zone of production.
2. The protected designation of origin Uva de Mesa Bolso Vinalopó can not be applied to any other kind of grape than that recognized by this regulation, nor can it be used expressions or marks that, due to their phonetic or graphic similarity with it, can induce Confused with which it is protected, or if they are preceded by expressions such as ‘type’, ‘style’, ‘taste’, ‘manipulated in’, ‘packaging in’, ‘selection in origin’ or other Analogous.

Article 3. Competent bodies
The protection of the protected designation of origin, the application of its regulations, the monitoring of its compliance, as well as the promotion and control of the quality of the protected product, are entrusted to the Regulatory Council of Protected Denomination of Origin.
For the fulfillment of its purposes, the regulatory council will develop, among others, the following functions:

A) It will propose the regulation of its protected denomination of origin, which must be approved by the competent department in matters of agri-food policy.
B) Set the technical standards and their possible modifications, according to criteria of quality, rigor in control and tradition.
C) Elaborate the manual of quality, technical standards, procedures, formats and other documents of the certification system.
(D) Issue certificates of origin and guarantee seals, including labels of products covered by the appellation of origin.
E) It will establish the requirements that must comply with the labels of the covered products within the scope of its competences.

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